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Thursday, September 14, 2006

80's Action films had it right

Who would have imagined that human cockfighting would attract the attention of evil rich men with a taste for control? From watching Bloodsport, Mortal Kombat, and ... um Lionheart, I never would have imagined! Well, if you considered Dana White and Sakakibara to be shady, wait till you get a load of Calvin Ayre.

Calvin Ayre is the guy behind Bodog, a multi-billion dollar illegal internet gambling empire. The guy can't set foot on US soil without SWAT getting deployed. In a scenario ripped directly from a bad Jean Claude Van Damme script, ol Cal is flying 16 fighters by helicopter to a fortified compound in the jungle to fight eachother in a reality TV show. The kicker - the winners of the reality show get to have their skulls smashed by Fedor Emelienkobob's training team, the Red Devils.

I'm pretty excited for this show actually. Without those annoying safety measures and pesky laws to have to abide by, I imagine there could be some really great moments. Leaving the compound will be punished with a week in the bamboo cage, and losing fighters will be sent off in the wild to fend off the natives and man-eating tigers. None of this "I didn't come here to make a speech" shit, Calvin Ayres will make a very interesting speech as he details what awaits these fighters as they hike through the acid mines on their way to the fighting grounds beyond the jungle barrier. It was not meant to be crossed! The land is sour!!!

The show apparently starts on September 19th and will run until Calvin Ayres is captured by the Feds or someone dies. Since no one else seems to be talking about this thing, I'll try and keep you up to date.

Click here for the Article on the show

Click here for the official Bodog Fight site

Click here for a Forbes article on how Calvin Ayres is a criminal


Anonymous seb said...

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Forbes article. Fucking hilarious.

But the other side to that coin is that his MMA thing doesn't seem as promision for serious fans.

9:43 AM

Blogger fightlinker said...

Agreed, I'm expecting the fights to be pretty schlocky. At least we won't be losing any serious talent when they're killed by warlords or something.

11:05 AM


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