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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bodogfight so bad it's good

Well here's a shocker : Bodogfight sucks ... and sucks hard. But in it's own way, it is kinda enjoyable. You can tell that the show was probably delayed because of the lack of interesting 'reality' footage, so the show is 50% interviews, 25% fight, and 25% fake shoots of 'Biffy' and Calvin talking on their cellphones to eachother.

The main thing that sucks about the show is they seem to bring the fighters to the island separately. There's no common area they're all staying in, they don't interact with eachother. They show up, catch an STD from the BodogSkanks, fight, then leave. What makes up for this is all the terrible footage with Calvin, Bif, and some russian chick. They need to get Carlos Newton over there fast, because even he's a better actor than this no-talent trio.

I'm not gonna spoil the fight for you ... it's okay but hard to really get into on the website. Hits just don't feel as hard when you're watching a screen smaller than a postcard. Regardless, the fight goes longer that your standard TUF fight, and doesn't make a mockery of the sport. So I give it an apathetic thumbs up.

Click here to watch Episode 1 of BodogFight


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