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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brazilian Top Team are psychos

A Brazilian Top Team member was arrested on Tuesday after flipping out and trying to open the emergency hatch on a plane in midflight. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, listed on several Jiu Jitsu tournament sites as a senior middleweight affiliated with BTT, was taken down by passengers and beaten into submission. Eye witnesses say that before trying to open the hatch, Oliveira (who was dressed in army fatigues) was jumping in the aisle, shadowboxing.

I'm always amazed by these stories because it usually comes out afterwards that the person thought he was just being funny. Mind you, Brazilians are a breed of their own - they think setting soccer refs on fire is funny. So I don't doubt that they thought pretending to crash a plane was up there on the funny meter next to convincing Babalu he could win against Chuck.

I think it's only fair to mention as well that this guy shows up in all his tournament results as being a part of BTT. I don't know what that means in levels of involvement, and I'm not about to say he was buttfucking Mario Sperry or something. You draw your own conclusions, and if BTT takes offense, chill the fuck out or I'll set a mob of angry airline passengers on your ass!

UPDATE Here's a much better article regarding this incident and the aftermath (credit:

Article from the Pasadena Star News on the incident

Oliveira mentioned on BTT website tournament results


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