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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carlos Newton's Dragons are going to lose

Canada's state-run media company sure has been doing a lot of MMA coverage lately. Following their in depth article on 'Canadian' fighter Dennis Kang, they're back with a look at Carlos Newton, the UFC's first and hopefully last Canadian belt-holder.

Like every other decent name who's past his peak, Carlos is now working for the IFL and is in charge of coaching the 'Toronto Dragons'. It's interesting to note that Carlos not only chose an imaginary creature for his team name, but he also bases his team out of an imaginary city. Anyone with a brain knows that Canadians are scattered across thousands of miles of barren wasteland, living in huts and eating eachother when food gets scarce.

Another interesting fact is that the IFL is up to 8 teams already and has another 4 teams planned for it's season opener in January. Of course I've already mentioned that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, inviting steroid junkie and washed up gentle giant Mark Kerr to coach a team. So it'll be interesting to see who else gets offered a team. Keith Hackney perhaps? I can only pray!

Click here to read the CBC's interview with Carlos Newton


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