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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dan Severn to fight nobody in November

This press release announces the return of Dan 'The Beast' Severn to San Jose at the beginning of November. One thing the press release seems to be missing is an opponent. Now I really don't expect much from a press release ... the things are designed to be sugar-coated lala land fairytales and gumdrops. But perhaps Island Boy Productions could have held off a few days until they figured who Dan Severn would be fighting? And does Dan even know who he's fighting, or has the syphilis and constant fighting turned his brain so far into mush that he'll fight anyone they stick in there with him. If I was the promoter, I'd put him in the cage with an rhino. Lets see you take that shit down you greco-roman piece of trash!

Click here to not find out who Dan Severn is fighting


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