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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Does Pride know what they're doing?

I don't think anyone can say Pride doesn't know it's shit when it comes to putting together killer fight cards and shows in Japan. But lately there's been a lot of noise on the edges of this success: a yakuza scandal that resulted in the loss of their TV deal in Japan, and their subsequent attempt to make it big in the US. Although it is easy to be distracted by Pride Emperor Sakakibara's soothing words and big hype statements, there is a race going on behind the scenes for Pride to sort their affairs in Japan and America quickly. If they can't succeed in one area or another, Pride simply will not be able to continue affording such blockbuster events. looks into Pride's strategy and breaks it down into tender nuggets that will leave you satisfied.

Click here to read Fightopinion's article regarding Pride's strategy


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