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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fedor makes Maxim magazine ... just not the cool one

InfinateMMA forum member Zviggy was kind enough to scan a regional copy of Maxim while in the Phillipines. No word on what the guy was doing there ... definately nothing to do with the rampant sex tourism trade of course. Anyways, this article covers Fedor's rise in the MMA world and who he trained with to become the force he was. There's some cool tidbits in there as well regarding his hand injury and how it was fixed, complete with x-rays. And even though I have no idea how to read them, x-rays are fuckin cool. So I give this thumbs up.

Read the scanned Maxim Phillipines article on Fedor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zviggy i was actually in the philipines was I? I actually downloaded it via mininova but whatever makes your blog more entertaining. Just makes me query what other stuff you have made up.

4:43 PM


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