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Monday, September 18, 2006

Fedor's top secret trip to Korea

I don't know why Pride only released this information now ... perhaps it's to distract people from the fact that with only a month to go, they still only have two fights scheduled for their 4-hour US PPV. Back at the end of August, Fedor Emelianenko went to Korea for publicity appearances and to be filmed for a video game called Real Fighting Championships. And what an original game name that is! This is apparently the first video game / commercial for the doughy PRIDE heavyweight champion. The article has pictures from the shoot, which looks like a cross between a bad episode of Xena and a really dirty porn movie.

Also on the menu was an appearance on the 'Infinite Challenge' tv show, where Fedor apparently got to put Korean celebrities (oxymoron?) in armbars and beat on them from the mount position. It warms my heart to see Russians beating on South Koreans like they did during the Korean war. It's really been way too long.

Click here to read Pride's report on Fedor's trip to Korea

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