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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finish Him!

K-1's Heros events are about as far from mainstream as I'm willing to go on this site, and even then I promise i'll only bring it up when something really interesting happens. Like this!

During Hero's last show, they had a fight between kinda so-so journeyman Kestutis Smirnovas and Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba, one of Japan's biggest local fighters and a beloved figure in the country. There's no real comparison I can conjure up right now since i'm in my underwear smoking a retarded amount of weed, so lets just say the average Japanese fan sees this guy like a big cuddly Winnie the Pooh. Instead of a big intense angry buildup to this match, the Hero's pre-fight footage mainly talks about Sakuraba's love for life, sport, and cartoons. It's heart warming, seriously. By the end I felt like Sakuraba was a comrade, or friend even. My heart opened to this gentle man from the east.

And then the match started and Smirnovas beat the living fuck out of Sakuraba. I lost count how many times Sakuraba was knocked out on his feet ... the only way Smirnovas could have dealt more punishment to this guy is if he'd cracked his skull open like a piniata and eaten his brains off the mat like candy. Even for a guy like me, who can look at the most disturbing imagery without flinching (I once watched a 30 minute show on Frank Trigg), it was pretty intense.

Anywho, somehow Sakuraba actually came back and won the fight, marking the first time a fighter was beaten so far past dead he was brought back to life. Well, it looks like in this case the show's producers might have conspired beforehand to make sure the ref would not stop the fight no matter how badly Sakuraba's skull was getting spiked. And spiked it was ... there was talk of permanant brain damage!

Read the blog regarding the 'no stoppage' clause in this fight

After watching a lot of Jap MMA I've come to the realization that as a people, Japanese are ... not fucked up, but fucked up when compared to us. This extends to Mixed Martial Arts, where you'll see the referee let a Japanese fighter get specatcularly punished without stepping in to stop the fight. It's an honor thing, especially when it's Japan versus the rest of the world. I'm pretty okay with this most of the time because I take pleasure watching people's spirits getting crushed, but if I wanted to watch people get brain damaged I'd watch boxing or American Idol.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far I am really enjoying this site! A good mix of well rounded news bits and acerbic commentary.

but this "link to an article" is just a link to another bloggers opinions. That sucks, I don't think that counts as a source. I would prefer that unfounded rumors not be a part of the news section... but thats just my $0.02.

8:06 PM

Blogger fightlinker said...

Yeah, i will definately make it more clear when I am linking to blogs or opinion peices. But when you come down to it, the only difference between most 'MMA Reporters' and 'Random Blog Guys' is an 8$ domain name registration and a Huntington Beach phone book. Fightlinker is going to be linking to different types of items all over the net, including news, interviews, press releases, editorials, photos, videos, and blogs as well. In the future though I won't be such a lazy fuck and properly cite my sources or lack there-of.

8:57 PM


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