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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Georges St Pierre Isn't Dead

You might be surprised to know that the so-white-he-hurts-my-eyes french guy on the Ultimate Fighter is not just a towel boy but also a mixed martial artist. After popping a boner so intense he blew his groin out, Georges St Pierre had to give up his title shot against Matt Hughes at UFC63. Ever since hearing about this unfortunate cock up I've been waiting to know what was next and if he'd fight someone else while waiting for his title shot. Well, now we have our answers in this interesting little interview. I'm pretty impressed - the guy even manages to sound french on paper.

Read the Interview from Gracie Magazine with Georges St Pierre here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is Canadian you dipshit

10:38 AM

Blogger fightlinker said...

French as in speaks french. Although he did 'surrender' his title shot, making him an honorary Frenchman.

11:10 AM


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