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Friday, September 15, 2006

Georges St-Pierre to fight in November?

Here's an interesting article I found through about Georges St Pierre. Apparently pulling your groin feels similar to pissing yourself. And if the winner of Hughes-Penn comes out unscathed, there might be a fight as early as November rather than December 30th as was reported earlier in Gracie Magazine.

I dunno about this ... sounds like a pipe dream to me. Hughes has only had one fight this year, and now they expect him to fight in September and November? Never mind the fact that if BJ wins (yes I know, ha ha ha) there's no way he's going to want to fight St Pierre right away.

This whole thing is sketchy. A welterweight title fight on December 30th is a reasonable and well thought out plan. I know Dana White is trying to shore up a shitty UFC65 that's stuck with snooze-master Tim Sylvia in it, but come on now.

Read the Fox Sports article on Georges St Pierre here


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