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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Golly gee, lets make an MMA movie!

This is the first time I've mentioned this on the site, but I've been reading about this for a few months now. Imperia Entertainment is making a motion picture called "Never Submit", about a young fighter's journey through the world of mixed martial arts. That might sound pretty exciting to you until you take a closer look at Imperia Entertainment and the quality of their website. Their other films include the movie 'Whiskers', about an intelligent seal:

Whiskers is a family film about an intelligent seal, in danger of being euthanized for scientific study, who is released by a researcher’s young daughter. As he is pursued by the “bad guys,” Whiskers has various adventures with a family, and the young girl, who finds her first love through Whiskers. Whiskers is produced by Academy Award Winner Jordan Klein (“Flipper,” “Jaws,” “Splash”).

Pardon me if I don't look forward to this abomination of a movie. Everyone knows that Hollywood got MMA right back in the 80's with Bloodsport, Bloodsport 2, Bloodsport 3, and who can forget Bloodsport 4 : The Dark Kumite? Now of course Bloodsport 4 was made in 1999, but it's production values and wardrobe are right out of the 80's so I included it here.

Moving along, MMAFighting has announced that Imperia has signed on Pride fighters Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva"
"Shogun is a charismatic guy with a great smile who looks great on film. He will be playing a Brazilian fighter in the movie"

I hope that Shogun is up to the task of acting out this difficult role. Let's hope he's not a 'successful' Brazilian fighter, because I don't think Shogun could handle such a stretch of the imagination.

Click here to read's article on Shogun and Silva's participation in Never Submit

Click here to see Imperia Entertainment's peice of shit website


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