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Friday, September 15, 2006

Gracies postpone a beating

The MFC bout between newbie Roger Gracie and grizzled veteran Don Frye has been postponed until December 2nd. The official reason for this is to avoid competing on PPV against some boxing match, which I just don't buy. Last time I checked, only British gangsters and creepy old men with handlebar mustaches still watched boxing.

For those of you who don't know, Roger is being touted by the Gracies as the next big thing, the fighter who will bring glory back to the Gracie name after a brutal year which saw Cesar and Royce completely dominated. While I'm not too impressed with the Gracie's intelligence putting a virgin fighter in the ring with banger Don Frye, I definately do enjoy the result of these egotistical bookings.

Don Frye is famous for taking / giving a licking. Plus, he looks like Tom Selleck. Even though he's past his prime, the dude still manages to fuck up whoever he fights. So it'll be interesting to see how Roger takes it, considering his family's reputation for being pussies and all that.

Click here to read the GracieMag announcement of the fight postponement


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