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Monday, September 18, 2006

He's not named Quick after the chocolate milk

This morning is all about the Middleweights, aka the guys who aren't tough enough to make it as light heavyweights. This division is really starting to stack up, with fighters like badass Anderson Silva, dumb rush Chris Leben, and vaginal discharge Danny Abbadi.

Add into this fray Mike 'Quick' Swick, who I've given a pardon from being involved in TUF because he's managed to finish his last four fights in under 5 minutes total. He'll be facing his toughest opponent yet in the form of David 'The Crow' Loiseau. Well ... only if Loiseau actually decides to fight this time rather than act like a moving punching bag, which is what he did against Rich Franklin.

I have no doubt the winner of this fight will face the loser of the Franklin/Silva bout ... if the loser of that fight is in any condition to fight for a few months afterwards. I dish a lot of shit to these guys for basically being light heavyweights that cut weight to hit 185, but I suppose the fact that they're the smaller big guys means they sure can take a licking. It's always the small ones that fight back the hardest, which is why it's so much fun beating them up.

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