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Monday, September 18, 2006

Hughes vs Penn - the warmup

With UFC63 quickly coming up this weekend, I figured I'd put a bit more information in regarding the headlining match between Matt Hughes and Blowjob Penn. Of course I've already made up my brilliant mind as to what's going to happen at UFC63. BJ Penn is a punk who fell into this fight from a loss. The gods of combat have no love for a loser and they'll send this bastard back from whence he came, lifting Hughes up to MMA Valhalla. Bitches will be plentiful and we'll drink wine from the skulls of our vanquished opponents.

Just in case you're not 100% sure on who your pick is, here's an article from ... a nice little back and forth between the site's editors on the fighters strengths and weaknesses. They bring up a lot of good points in both mens favor, so perhaps it won't really help you make up your mind. Regardless, it's my job to educate you stupid fuckers so the more stuff the better, right? Are you even reading any of this crap?!?!

Click here to read the editorial combat re: Hughes/Penn at UFC63


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