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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

IFL + Biotech = Fun

If I was a member of the tinfoil hat society, I might read something into the fact that the International Fight League has merged with a company called Paligent, which up until a year ago was primarily a biotechnology company "engaged in the development and commercialization of novel drugs with a product portfolio focused on infectious diseases and oncology". Of course the press release doesn't go into unneccesary and boring details like WHY a mixed martial arts company would merge with a biotech firm, because who wants to know that! I think they've done everyone a favor by sticking to the juicy stuff about stock merging and trades. The part at the bottom of the article regarding definitions was especially exciting. Just a warning for you simple folks ... there's lots of big city type words that y'all might have some trouble with.

Click here to read the Press Release

Now I'm pretty pissed off, because I went to Hollywood a year or two back and pitched them the exact same idea about a biotech firm merging with a mixed martial arts company to create super genetic martial arts-bots which would then take over the world and the White House. The only bad dude to stop them would be Bas Rutten. Not only have these motherfuckers stolen my idea, but they took the extra precaution of brainwashing Bas and converting him to the dark side, securing their diabolical plot!

Or maybe the IFL's pockets weren't as deep as they said they were, so this gives them some extra padding.

Either way, I'm on to them.


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