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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IFL owners think we're geeks

Enough time hasn't passed to determine if the owners of the IFL know what they're doing or if they're just idiots with more money than sense. This article from definately makes me think the latter.

Here's a nugget of genius from the article:
His magazines - Wizard, Toyfare, Inquest Gamer, Anime Insider and Toy Wishes - have a monthly circulation of more than three million readers in 40 countries and five languages.

"I went to these [MMA] events and I said 'this is my audience.' I get three million of these guys every single month either buying my magazines or reading the magazines or going to my website or going to my events."
Let's make something clear, 'Gareb'. The three million guys reading Toy Wishes are NOT the same manly men watching MMA. We argue about who's better: Wanderlei Silva or Chuck Lidell. They argue who's better: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard (the answer is actually Janeway, but those fucking geeks are way to homo to ever say it).

One quick point that's cleared up in this interview though is the reasoning behind the IFL's recent merger with Biotech company Paligent. Turns out it wasn't to create a superior bio-race of fighters, but rather to make becoming a publically traded company easier. Which is a lot less fun than my theory. But whatever, their loss.

Read the article about IFL owner Gareb Shamus


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