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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's pseudo-official : Kurt Angle to compete in MMA

MMA and pro wrestling have always had something of an embarrassing relationship ... like two cousins making out. Like two male cousins making out. Back in the early days there were many fighters who would bounce back and forth between the two, feuling speculation that the first MMA shows were fake. Nowadays, the competition in MMA has hit a point where it's hard to compete unless you're giving 100% of your time to mixed martial arts. So one would think the days of pro wrestlers jumping ship are over, right? Wrong!

I've been biting my lip on this because the last thing I want to do is become another faggy website sharting rumours about washed up wrestlers jumping ship, but it looks like the following news is for sure: Kurt Angle will be fighting in mixed martial arts in 2007. The only question is where. Real Fighter magazine claims it has an exclusive interview with Angle coming out in November, but the chances of a print magazine breaking a story in the age of the internet is very low indeed. So as soon as something solid shows up, I'll make a post about it. And God help us all.

Read the Real Fighter Magazine site's announcement on an exclusive interview with Angle

Read's announcement from Real Fighter magazine


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