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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Japanese Fighters Suck

I promise this will be the last coverage of the PRIDE OWGP, I think we've ridden this donkey about as far as it'll go. But before we leave it, I'd like to reach around and pop one more creamy noogut of interesting news out of it : The official Pride transcript of the Post-OWGP conference with Pride brass, Mirko CroCop and Josh Barnett.

It's not every day a press conference is called to shame fighters. Unless you happen to live in Japan. Several of the local fighters were on the wrong end of Pride's love-o-meter:
"Looking back on yesterday's event, I think the two Semi-Final fights and the Final fight in particular made the event. At the same time, while I won't say that they were horrible, I will say there we were also shown some incredibly low-level fights yesterday. Let me name names. Nishijima. Nakao. Nakamura."
Congrats on admitting these fighters sucked. I look forward to the next Pride event where those involved with such dreadful matches commit sepuku. The only thing better than seeing that will be the knowledge that they will have to live with their dishonor until then. Fuck I love the Japanese.

The rest of the article has some pretty interesting stuff in it, but the best part of it all is that if it wasn't written by the Japanese, it was definately translated out of Japanese. While there's no engrish, it's still pretty funny.

Click here to read PRIDE's official transcript of the post-OWGP Conference


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