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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

K-1 in Las Vegas is a tourist trap

Let's get one thing straight : I don't like K-1 kickboxing. HERO's (K-1's MMA offshoot) is okay because they let their fighters pound the shit out of eachother. But I tried to watch a Japanese K-1 event a few months back and had to stop because all you could hear were the screech and squeals of Japanese chicks in the audience as these pretty boys went at eachother.

Anyways, the Las Vegas Business Press has an article on K-1 in Las Vegas and how no one gives a shit about it but the Japanese. But that's okay because the average Jap spends twice as much in Vegas than any other tourist. So even though only half the crowd at these events actually pays to attend, the casinos hosting the shows make their money off the Asian high rollers who come to check the shit out and then spend big bucks there afterwards.

Read the Las Vegas Business Press article on K-1


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