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Saturday, September 16, 2006

K-1 is months behind

K-1 has decided to implement a genius marketing stategy, showing the opening of it's World Grand Prix on PPV not two but four weeks after it happens in Japan. What the article didn't explain is why anyone would pay 30 bucks to watch something that happened a month ago. Also not explained is why the event will be called 'Final Elimination' even though it isn't the final elimination at all ... there are still 3 more rounds in the tournament before the 'final' elimination will occur. Of course by the time the Final Elimination show makes it onto PPV, the real final elimination may have happend. Or I might have died from old age.

Thank god we live in an age where it only takes a month for shit that happens in Japan to make it over here in the Americas.

Click here to read the MMAWeekly article on K-1 PPV situation


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