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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mirko not fighting in Pride's US Show?

Crowds of peasants choked the barren weed-strewn runway of Croatia's 'airport' and held out their goats to be blessed by religious leader and Pride fighter Mirko CroCop as he returned victorious from the OWGP. After being welcomed by the Minister for Science, Magic, and Athlektica Fitnestauss, Mirko spoke briefly to reporters, mentioning that his foot was sore from kicking way too much ass in Japan.

When asked about his next fights, Mirko said that he probably won't be fighting until the end of the year.
It should be interesting to see what Grand Pride Emperor Sakakibara has to say about this. The idea of CroCop getting longer than a few weeks off after fighting two matches already and a title shot on New Years Eve is simply not reasonable. Primadonnas. You'd think no one has been asked to fight 4 of the top fighters in the world over 3 months before!

Read the entire article about Mirko's return to Croatia here


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