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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mirko yes, Mirko no? Mirkup your mind!

Many people have been asking about the veracity of my source regarding Mirko's statement that he probably won't be fighting until New Years Eve because of a foot injury. Many people point to this article on lockflow from the 11th as proof that Mirko is fine and will fight in the US show.

Now I've already outlined my soap-opera plot wherein Pride forces CroCop to compete in the US show in order to get his title shot against Fedor. So I'm thinking that regardless of what Mirko wants, he'll probably end up on the US card, probably against some pushover. But I'll tell you this : when you're in Japan, you say what the Japanese want you to say. When you're in Croatia, you say what you want to say. Unless it's about the Croatian police, and then you keep your mouth shut unless you want electrodes attached to your genitals. If I was going to pick and choose which comment of CroCop's I'd beleive on if he's going to fight, I'd pick the one he made on home soil away from the steely glance of evil Pride Emperor Sakakibara.

Link to the aforementioned post-OWGP conference

There's also some interesting CroCop/Barnett dynamics going on there, including touching, whispering, and sharing of fluids. I won't go further, you'll just have to read all the details yourself.


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