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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MMAWeekly won't admit why TUF ratings suck

Once again MMAWeekly has come through with a retardedly detailed analysis of The Ultimate Fighter's latest episode ratings, and things don't look good. Why is the big question in this article, and while they don't give any definate answers, they give many potential reasons. Well, as it is my job to educate and I know everything, I won't pussy foot around ideas. I'll give you the reason no one is watching this season:

  1. Rich Clementi is a shit eating motherfucker
  2. Matt Serra ... I still can't explain why, but the man deserves to doused in acid
  3. The lack of mongoloids like Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz to create tension
  4. Letting losers stay in the house. No one wants to watch a loser. They're losers!
  5. Speaking of losers, no one wants to watch washed up fighters go for a second chance. We as a society are only interested in dangling hope in front of fresh faced newbies. It makes it much more satisfying when they fail.

Read MMAWeekly's analysis of TUF Episode 5 ratings


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