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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The most satisfying beating you'll never get to see

So it looks like Frank Trigg is fighting in Hawaii against Apex Middleweight champion Jason Mayhem Miller. If seeing more of Frank Trigg in the ring means I'll have to hear him less in the commentator's booth, I'll take that as the lesser of two evils. In fact, if I had a choice between chewing broken glass or listening to Frank's garbled short bus conversation, I'd choose the glass.

While I don't think his return to the ring means the end of his announcing, I do have high hopes that Frank's bout versus Jason Mayhem Miller ends with a broken Trigghole. They let Kanye West rap with his mouth wired shut, but would the people at Pride be evil enough to inflict the same upon us? Who knows, it might be an improvement!

Unfortunately, only the people of Hawaii get to see Trigg get humiliated, which is really too bad. I'm tempted to make the time in my busy schedule to fly down there, fuck some bitches, catch the fight, etc etc. Maybe after the fight they'll let me keep some of Trigg's corpse. I hear in Hawaii they cut the penis off of the loser and eat it. That's why there's so many men in Hawaii without dicks.

Click here to read MMAWeekly's announcement of the Trigg vs Miller fight


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