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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nevada has standards / Rampage might come to the UFC

Dana White brings up an interesting point in this quick interview with the Houston Chronicle : the Nevada State Athletic Commission doesn't allow injured or beat-up fighters to compete for a certain amount of time after a loss. From my limited knowledge there's different lengths between bouts depending on how badly you lose or if it's a knockout etc, but they take the condition of the fighter in mind before deciding to lisence them. This could very well affect both Josh Barnett and Mirko CroCop's ability to fight in the October PRIDE show.

Wanderlei Silva has already confirmed he won't be fighting in October, and Dana says there's no way he could get lisenced for November. In a nice little peice of double-think, Dana also poo-poos the idea of a Liddell-Silva matchup now that Silva got his ass kicked by CroCop. But I thought the match was off long ago? Hasn't Dana been blaming the Japanese for a month now for the fight not happening? That two-faced son of a bitch.

But just like the dog that gets kicked repeatedly but still comes when it's master calls, I feel a slight tingle in my testicles over the note at the end of this article. Dana White throws out the 'speculation' that Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson could be back in the organization for 2007. The only question now is if the contract will stipulate that Rampage's soul belongs to the UFC and not God.

Read the Houston Chronicle article on Dana White
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