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Friday, September 15, 2006

New Jersey thinks it's special

MMAWeekly has a catty letter from some suit repping the New Jersey Athletic Board, saying that Dana White is lying about the UFC's history in regulating the sport before Zuffa bought the company. The letter, which is about 1000 words too long, goes into painful detail regarding comments White made saying Zuffa was responsible for getting MMA sanctioned in many states.

The gist of this nitpicking waste of time is that White ignored the fact that the UFC was sanctioned in New Jersey before Zuffa was around. White basically said that no "major athletic commissions" had sanctioned the UFC before he came. New Jersey is basically being a pussy and saying "Hey, we're major!"

Lets make something clear : No one does anything in New Jersey unless they're not allowed to do it in New York. You never hear anyone say "Hey, lets do that in New Jersey" unless it involves killing random homeless people or buying really dirty heroin. Just because New Jersey has a large population, doesn't make it major in any way other than being a major shithole.

I'm very glad we have people out there who think it's important to set the record straight on which group of people inside the UFC were responsible for getting stuff sanctioned. Now we can move on with our lives and work on the cure for cancer, which was #2 on my list of stuff to clear up.

Click here to read MMAWeekly's article on this stupid thing


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