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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No one wants to know about rashes or ringworms

The most shocking news of the day has to be that the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter, which had more time devoted to farts, rashes, and ringworms than to the actual fight at the end, did shitty, shitty ratings. Several other news sites blamed the massive drop on the NFL's opening special. But MMAWeekly, never shy to point out how douche-like the UFC is, has broken things down to prove that it was not NFL football that caused ratings to crash.
Hopefully, one thing that the producers and editors of the TUF series will not do is mistakenly think that this ratings decline is because there isn't enough "reality show drama." That was the general feeling among the producers regarding TUF 2's decreased ratings, and the result (or at least one of them) was large amounts of alcohol being placed in the house during Season Three so that contestants could get sauced and naturally create some good reality TV moments.
Personally I'm all for adding more alcohol into this situation, because as everyone knows : Alcohol + Meatheads = Entertainment. Was it alcohol we had to thank for someone pissing on some dude's pillow? When someone pissed on some dude's gloves? When some dude pissed ... ah, well you get the idea.

Read the Ultimate Fighter ratings breakdown here


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