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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Phil Baroni is a fat fuck / Frank Mir no longer a fat fuck?

Most fighters don't have much of a sense of humor ... you call them fat or dumb or retarded or whatever else and they tend to get angry. Not so with Phil Baroni, who to his credit is willing to make fun of himself from time to time. In this case, the headline above is Phil's words, not mine. Apparently he's spent the last few months eating lard and getting fat. He's also got a staph infection, probably from rubbing cocks with fellow Brooklyn knuckledragger Matt Serra. This might mean that Baroni might not be competing in October ... or if he is, that it will be a return to the gassing bore-job he was when he dropped out of the UFC.

The attached article from F4Wonline goes into detail on Mike Tyson (who we don't care about), the aforementioned Phil Baroni sitch, and news that former heavyweigh champ Frank Mir may finally be getting off his fat ass and training again. Stranger things have happened.

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