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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pride OWGP Interviews

I've always hated Sherdog's endless post fight videos. Give me the options of watching canned video of exhausted fighters with strong accents waiting for Japanese translations or just being able to read the transcript, I'll take the transcript any day. Fortunately for you and I, Pride has been kind enough to put up transcripts from all the fighters in the post-OWGP conference up on their website for all of the fighters. I'm sure Wanderlai Silva's will be up as soon as he remembers who he is.

I do admit though, there are some advantages to watching the videos ... like seeing Josh 'Aaaaw Shit' Barnett's face, which I'd estimate as being 70% black and blue. Or watching Overeem's nose grow as he blames his turtle and tap technique on a heel injury.

Click here to access PrideFC's Post-OWGP Conference Transcripts


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