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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

PRIDE pays it's fighters well

Every other day it seems like another article is written about how little the UFC pays it's lower rung fighters, starting at 2000$ and going up to around 7000$. Now we have word direct from Japan on what PRIDE is putting on the table to keep their monster line-up around. It's not too shabby at all, with the top 5 heavyweights making 250,000$+ per fight. As the article mentions, that's over 25 million yen a peice!

If I worked in Japan, I would demand to be paid in single-yen coins. The sight of all them shiny yen boppers or whatever the fuck they are would be worth the ass kicking I'd eventually get simply because I'm a racist pig with no respect for japanasanners. Haha just kidding. I love all asians! Except perhaps Malaysians. I don't like them. So sir, I do not.

Read all about PRIDE's pay scale here


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