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Monday, September 18, 2006

Pride wants a peice of the Reality pie, Tyson details emerge

FightOpinion has a quick article citing Japanese news sources regarding Pride. Apparently the big buzz right now is that Pride wants to do their own reality TV show. Considering the UFC already has a love-in with the only basic cable channel trashy enough to show this kind of shit, I'd be amazed if they could pull something effective off. Fox Sports proved with their Bushido coverage that they're too pussy to show any real violence, compared to Spike who let us watch a gallon of blood pour out of a dude's skull like water out of a hose.

As a side note there's more info on Mike Tyson in here, with news that he will be doing a 'microphone performance' at the US show and possibly fight for PRIDE's NYE Shockwave show in a different country. I gotta hand it to this dude for having Japan's fight news covered so well. I can't wait till i get a Japanese slave of my own who'll translate all these articles for me! Then we'll see who's the man.

Click here to read Fightopinion's article on Pride stuff


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