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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sakakibara is a big liar

It would be pretty easy to read this article and curse Dana White under our breath for being a big liar about the Wanderlei Silva / Chuck Liddell match. It makes sense for Pride to want the match, and it makes sense for the UFC to not give Wanderlei any exposure that would help Pride. But you have to wonder about the honesty of the Pride organization when they say things like this:

Also, Wanderlei is ready; we just need the doctor's confirmation from his injury from last week. We are still waiting for UFC's response. Mirko even said that if Wanderlei is not fighting in November, he will fight in his place.
Wow, what a splooge of an answer. I'm sure every uneducated and ignorant fuck would eat that comment up. Just the idea of the new Pride posterboy CroCop fighting Chuck Liddell is enough to make even the most critical of thinkers lose it for a few seconds. But let's ask a few questions:
  1. Why would Chuck Liddell, the current LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT champion, go up a weightclass to fight a heavyweight?
  2. Why would Mirko CroCop, who has a Pride Heavyweight title shot on New Years Eve, risk injury in a fight the month before, or risk further injury to his already impaired foot?
To me, it just sounds like Sakakibara flappin his lips. I have no doubt the UFC was largely responsible for dropping the fight, not because they're afraid Chuck would lose but because they don't want to help give Pride another foot up in America. So now Sakakibara is saying all sorts of wild things because he knows he can get away with it.

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