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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sakuraba's brain ready to be rocked again

Even though beloved Japanese icon Sakuraba might not remember the brutal beating he took in August, I certainly do. Which is why I'm simply amazed that HERO's has just announced that Sakuraba will be fighting in their October show, just 2 months after he was in a hospital being checked for brain damage.

At a press conference Sakuraba said, "Akiyama-san, I prefer no striking. So please don't strike too much"
I dunno, typically I wait until after the match starts before I start begging my opponent not to beat me too badly. The article goes on to describe the issue surrounding Sakuraba's last violent beating and what might be done to keep it from happening again. I think they probably had the same kinda meeting after Apollo got killed by that Russian dude in Rocky 4.

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