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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some people want Matt Lindland back in the UFC

MMA Ring Report has an editorial peice on Matt Lindland, one of MMA's top 'free agents'. Since Matt was thrown out of the UFC last year for not bowing down to Zuffa management, he's been the prancing pony of the independant fight scene. Nary has there been a major independant show that he hasn't done work for. Add in the fact that he's got a cushy job coaching in the IFL, and I really don't see what reason Matt has for going back to the UFC. He's making buckets of cash on the free market, unlike a certain Rich Franklin who is stuck in a shitty contract where he makes an absurdly small amount of money.

Sure, I'd love to see Lindland beat up Rich Franklin. I'd also like to see him beat up that bum on the corner who smells and always asks for change, and that bitch in the grocery store who is always buying 50 lotto tickets in the express line. I'd say that the UFC has more important fighters to sign before we start complaining about Lindland ... I hear there's an organization called Pride that has a few okay heavyweights. Nothing compared to Tim Sylvia mind you, but I hear they're not bad.

Click here to read MMA Ring Report's editorial on Matt Lindland and the UFC


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