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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stephan Bonner is caught with his pants down

If you were ever asked "What do Stephan Bonnar and a horse have in common?", you might be surprised that the answer does not have anything to do with what's in his pants. Unless of course you want to stretch the analogy and consider that urine could be said to originate "from the pants".

Regardless of how you classify a man's urine, one thing is for sure: Stephan Bonner's had something in it that it shouldn't have, namely Boldenone Metabolite, a type of steroid more commonly found in the Kentucky Derby rather than the UFC.

Various sites and forums have been talking about what this means for the scrappy Ultimate Fighter season 1 loser/winner. If Bonnar loses his case with the Nevada Sports Commission he could have his fighting license suspended for a year and fined up to 250,000 dollars. But I'm not too worried ... if he finds the right trainer and is taken care of properly, I am sure he'll be able to take first prize in the Las Vegas Ride and Steed Show.

Original MMAWeekly article

aaand the confirmation on the UFC website


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