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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time to sign up for

This is a bit of a late news posting, but fuck you I just started this goddamn site. If I had a time machine I'd go back and start the site earlier so this would be a bit fresher. I would also not bet as much money on Shamrock as I did, but that's another story. An extremely dissapointing story about an asshole named Herb Dean who cost me 3000$. Anyways, if you've downloaded video of the site you'd know two things:
  1. The site's a pretty big peice of shit and poorly organized
  2. If you've signed up for the 15$ unlimited downloads plan, all your downloaded movies stop working after 30 days.
But last week a peice of software appeared on the internet called FairUse4WM which removes the Digital Rights Management (the shit that makes the files stop working). So using this program, any user could easily download every single file off the UFC site and keep it forever for the low price of 15$.

Now I'm not going to recommend anyone does this, but I'm also not going to recommend anyone not do it either. Which means that as far as i'm concerned, you can not not do nothing, and no one will not get angry at you for not doing it. Capiche?

Link to the Engadget technology site which explains how fairuse4wm works

Link to


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