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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tito Ortiz is a role model

I suppose in today's day and age with Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline roaming the earth, it's not too much of a stretch to call Tito Ortiz a role model. Because that's what he calls himself in this interview with So if you're looking to peak early in your MMA career and date a chick famous for fucking other guys, you've found your mentor!

The interview is pretty good and goes through topics like Ortiz' heroin addict parents, wrestling as a religion, and the reason he lost to Chuck in their first bout. Apparently they were friends and he just didn't feel like he was getting paid enough to fight a friend. Which is just crazy. I once beat my 12 year old son up for a 2L bottle of RC Cola and a scratch ticket. I mean, lets forget that RC Cola is the King of Cola for a second. That scratch ticket could have ended up winning me a hundred bucks!

Click here to read Tito Ortiz' interview with NBC Sports

And click here to read Tito's picks on the football games this week


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