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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two new victims added to the Pride Real Deal show

After over a week of speculation since the Open Weight Grand Prix ended, more events have finally been announced for Pride's US debutin October. Josh 'Aaaah Shit!' Barnett will be fighting Pawel Nastula, and big fatty Mark Hunt will be fighting equally rotund 'Butterbean' Eric Esch.

At first glance you might think Pawel Nastula is a pushover considering he has a record of 1 win and 2 losses. But if you take a closer look at his record you'll realize that he's had the misfortune of being put in the ring with Aleksander Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for those losses. So either Pride's matchmakers think he's a worthy opponent or they consider him a patsy who loves punishment.

The Mark Hunt vs Butterbean fight promises to be an interesting bout. Out of his six MMA wins, Butterbean has ended 5 by submission. No word on if his 'chokes' were conventional or if his opponents were choked by a combo of Butterbean's skin and smell. Regardless, Butterbean has proven his ability to hit hard and force fighters to give him their backs on the ground.

I don't give Nastula or Butterbean much of a chance against Pride's superstar fighters, but the matches do guarantee to give us an entertaining show. It doesn't get much better than watching Josh rip the arms off some judo dude and two fat fucks swinging for the fences!

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