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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 says Hughes / Penn is too close to call

You always have to take everything the UFC tells you with a grain of salt. Remember that their site is a bit part of the company's press machine, and it's their job to present an image, not reality. In the case of the headlining matches, it's their job to make them seem as balanced as possible ... it could go either way, really! I know I was skeptical going into UFC62 with Chuck Lidell vs Renato Sobral but damn if i didn't get swept up in the hype machine like everyone else. I think even Babalu was beleiving the UFC's hype by the end, what with that stupid bull rush that ended up knocking his ass out. I honestly think he was probably lying there on the ground going "What the fuck, didn't that dude see my All Access show???"

In this case, the UFC is up to it's standard act again, this time trying to inflate fathead BJ Penn's balloon back up in time for UFC63. Of course, it's hard to ignore the fact that BJ hasn't looked very impressive since his win against Hughes, while Hughes just seems to be getting better and better. It's also hard to ignore that BJ's last match was a loss to backwoods Canadian fighter Georges St Pierre. Wasn't there a treaty signed where the Canadians promised to only beat us in sports occuring on some sort of ice surface?

Read the UFC's breakdown on the Hughes-Penn matchup at UFC63


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