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Friday, September 22, 2006

UFC63 Media Blitz

You can really tell the difference between the UFC and other MMA organizations because they really know how to hit the press right. The number of articles coming out the past few days has been simply retarded. And while I'll slit my wrists next time Hughes says he's 'confident' or BJ talks about winning several belts, most of the articles avoid the annoying parroting and repetition you normally find if this was just a press release frenzy. So here you go : all of the relevant information on UFC63:

UFC63 Press Conference
If you wanna skip past all the repeated and rehashed news from interviews over this week, then you can check out these fresh soundbytes care of the UFC press conference held yesterday to promote the show.

Inside Fighting notes from conference

Press Telegram article on the conference

Fight Order
If you want to know the fight orders for UFC63 so you can plan a late night beer run or call your gay lover and masturbate between the good bouts, here it is. I recommend skipping the Rashad Evans match, sponsored by "Lay and Pray".

Read MMA News' article on the fight order for UFC 63

Public Viewing Establishments
If you're too welfare to afford to buy the PPV and too computer illiterate to download it illegally the day after, then you might want to find out which Hooters in your area is showing the event for free.

Read Lock and Flow's listings of local viewing spots by city

Card Analysis
If you have no idea who's going to win and you want to look a bit smarter in front of your friends, here's a bunch of breakdown and match by match analysis for UFC63:

FightOpinion's UFC63 Analysis and Predictions

MMA Ring Report : Wombat's UFC 63 fight predictions

MMATorch's UFC63 Predictions

Sherdog's UFC63 Main Card Analysis

FoxSports UFC63 Analysis and Predictions

Inside Fighting's Rating and Analysis of UFC63

Hughes vs Penn
As if you haven't read enough about Hughes vs Penn, here's all the recent articles regarding this fight:

MMA Universe's article on Hughes vs Penn

BoutReview USA's indepth analysis of BJ Penn

Brawl Sports Interview with Matt Hughes

LA Times Interview with Matt Hughes

Press-Telegram Interview with BJ Penn

Globe and Mail article on Hughes / Penn / UFC63

UFC interview with Matt Hughes

FoxSports article on Hughes vs Penn

CBC Article on (you guessed it!) Hughes vs Penn

Las Vegas Review Journal on BJ Penn and what a cocksmith he is

Articles relating to other matches on UFC63
Contrary to popular beleif, there are other matches happening at UFC63.

UFC interview with Jens Pulver

MMAWeekly article on Mike Swick

UFC interview with Melvin Guillard

(credit: for 6 of the mainstream media posts. Dude has this shit on lockdown)


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