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Friday, September 15, 2006 wants you to like David Loiseau

I used to have a lot of respect for David Loiseau. He was this tiny guy who was all knees and elbows. The UFC would shake his cage and set him on people, and he would go out there and fuck shit up. Over the past six years he's beaten people in pretty much every way you can beat them, proving himself to be the full package.

And then back at the beginning of 2006, Loiseau lost one of the most boring fights I've ever seen in my life. I'd draw a comparison to Sylvia-Arlovski 3, but in this case I can't blame both fighters - Rich Franklin was on, but Loiseau was not. For 25 fucking minutes I watched Rich Franklin pick at Loiseau, and with it my faith in Loiseau. So complete was that loss that David Loiseau is dead to me. There is no David Loiseau ... only the wind.

So now Loiseau is back, and it's time to see if last fight was a fluke or if his training partner Georges St Pierre stole Loiseau's mojo and won't give it back. I don't know though ... the way Loiseau was talking, it didn't sound like he learnt much from his loss:
the training is harder than the fight itself,” explains Loiseau. “I make sure that I suffer so much in training that 25 minutes like that against Franklin is something I can handle.
Let's get something straight, Dave: You didn't 'handle' those 25 minutes. You *got* handled. Nothing pisses me off more than losers who say their training is harder than the actual fight. I'm very sure getting your ass kicked isn't very hard at all. Congrats on figuring that out.

Read the UFC press release / expose on David Loiseau


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