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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Ultimate Fighter is boring in blog form too

I've already mentioned that the last two episodes of TUF have been pretty shitty. At least at the beginning of the series we had some real blood and guts fights to make up for 45 minutes worth of tepid 'reality'. Let's not even bring up Shonie's cock shorts and Mikey Burnett's oozing wounds.

The main beefs I have with this year's series over the previous are first place cocksmiths Rich Clementi and Matt Serra. I fucking hate these guys ... Clemeni looks like a fag-bashing football player right out of varsity high. Serra ... I can't put my finger on what bugs me about this dude. All I know is whenever he's on the screen I wanna reach through the TV and gouge his eyeballs out with my thumbs like that dude in Blade Runner. I used to think it was his buttfuck bronx accent, but even reading his TUF blog on makes me mad.

Read Matt Serra's TUF Blog on and tell me you don't want to kick his ass.


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