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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Ultimate Fighter is not getting any better

I can't beleive I spent 30 minutes watching grown men argue about water bottles. This freaking series is starting to be more and more like a shitty sitcom:

10:00 (SPIKE) The Shonie Carter Show : Rich gets angry when Shonie puts water bottles in the pool.

Oh boy that rascally Shonie! This is some serious reality television right here. But speaking of entertaining reality: I must give props to Pete Spratt jerking Rich Clemente around. That cock faced ass clown reminds me of every high school jock I've ever wanted to inflict with AIDS. There is no greater feast than the hopes and dreams of a washed up fighter, and tonight's main course was Rich indeed.

Speaking of washed up, what the fuck happened to Mikey Burnett's face? I know they've mentioned problems with booze, but Jesus Christ. It looks like they found him behind a dumpster drinking rubbing alcohol or something. What was with that huge chunk of skin missing off his nose? Why the fuck is he oozing out of a different spot on his head every episode? Dude must be the first person I've ever seen with herpes on his scalp.

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