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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

USA drops another bomb on Japan

It's not very often that I get to make jokes at the expense of the Japanese when talking about mixed martial arts, so I try to get it in there whenever I can. This week saw the taping of another International Fight League show, where they bring us one small but exciting step closer to eventual tag-team madness with their 'team' structure. To wrap things up neatly, the Tokyo Sabres had their kimonos cleaned by the Los Angeles Anacondas. This is a pretty cool development for us Americans until you realize that the reason Japan probably lost was because all it's real fighters are busy fighting in Japan rather than taking part in the IFL.

I think Mixed Martial arts is one of the few fields where you actually make way more money staying in Asia. Going from Asia to America to fight is like going from America to Asia to make sneakers. Just doesn't make much cents. Get it? Cents. Fuck I'm funny.

Read the Sherdog breakdown on the latest IFL event here


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