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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wanderlei Silva says no Real Deal match has just put up an interview with glutton for punishment Wanderlei Silva. Fortunately for everyone his answers are coherant and thoughtful, not random scared babblings like "The feet ... the feet!!!" I'm still looking for a post fight picture of Silva to see if his face has deflated back down to normal size or if it still looks like a beachball. The interview goes through his loss to Mirko CroCop and touches on the fact that he will attend PRIDE's US show but will not fight.

I don't know if I should respect or shake my head at a fighter who's willing to fight half blind just to dish a bit of punishment back. It was classic pride at PRIDE, and Silva's ego got his head caved in that night. It's like the doctors said "He is in no condition to fight ... but consider his honor if we do not let him continue!"

Lets get one thing straight : Fighters are fucking dumb. Maybe not always, but in a ring the majority are so pumped with adrenaline and scattered by potshots to the skull that they couldn't count up to 50 using only odd numbers. Letting them decide when they've 'had enough' is like letting a six year old determine foreign policy. Again, I'm all for watching morons getting owned, but if you're going to approve of this kinda shit you better be honest about why you like it : because we're bloodthirsty mongoloids.

Read the Sherdog interview with Wanderlei Silva here


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