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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Way too many articles in the news today

So with big UFC and IFL shows coming up this weekend, never mind Pride's ketchup bottle slow release of Real Deal info, it's getting hard to keep up with every single article coming out on MMA. Fortunately for me, does a very good job of keeping up on that kind of thing, and I can just pass you over to his roundup of articles from the mainstream media.

There's a very detailed article on Sean Sherk, two interviews on dissapointment David Loiseau, and a general history article on the UFC's evolution in the past few years. I wouldn't really bother with any of these unless you're really starved for MMA news. The only new information comes from the Sean Sherk interview, and I'm personally holding off until after his fight on Saturday to decide if I give enough of a shit about him to read it.

Click here to read Fightopinion's media roundup for today


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