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Monday, September 18, 2006

What it feels like for an MMA girl

I'm sure many of you fighter guys reading my site often tuck your junk between your legs and stare at yourselves in the mirror. However uncanny the physical resemblance to a pussy that creates, I doubt you've ever managed to really get into the mindset of a female fighter. Well, today's your lucky day because there's a chick in Japan right now who's blogging her MMA fighting experience, and it's pretty interesting stuff.

What i find fascinating is that this chick doesn't look like the standard trailer trash butch. In fact, she looks like she'd be more at home playing video games and watching anime rather than beating the shit out of people. I've also included her Sherdog fighter finder profile as well so you can see more pictures. I'm still looking for the hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing pics, and rest assured when i find them I'll post them here

Click here for part 7 of Roxanne Modafferi's Japan Blog

Click here for Sherdog's Fighter Finder info on Roxanne Modafferi


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