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Sunday, September 17, 2006

White Supremacists love the world's most ethnically diverse sport

Since the IFL seems to have run out of washed up MMA fighters to bring back to the sport, I'm stuck posting about blogs, podcasts, and their crackpot conspiracies. This one comes care of MMA in Japan and apparently expands on information by some cocksmith podcaster named Eddie Goldman. I actually had to stop listening to Rammstein for 20 minutes in order to listen to this pile of shit podcast. Why the fuck does everything about MMA have to be in video or podcast? I don't know if sites do this because they think MMA fans are too dumb to read, or because they're too lazy to write. It fucking drives me nuts.

Anyways, these guys talk about the apparent rise in white supremacists watching the UFC. They bring up the idea that the UFC is full of white fighters, white music, and white ring girls. They argue that the UFC's marketing strategy is aimed towards young white men. Now, these guys aren't painting the UFC with a racist brush ... but they are saying that the UFC caters to a white audience and a side-product of that is a rise in the number of buttfuck hillbilly racists who watch the sport.

Personally, I don't know about this. It reminds me of the time people were saying that Star Wars was racist because the original trilogy had like 3 black guys in it. Fortunately George Lucas realized his mistake and made sure to include an entire race of golliwogg-like gungans led by that lovable Uncle Tom Jar Jar Binks. We can only hope that Dana White will learn from Lucas and make the appropriate changes to his organization.

Listen to Eddie Goldman's podcast on white supremacists (warning, may cause coma)

Read MMAinJapan's opinion blog on the subject


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