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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who everyone hated before Dana White

MMATorch has an interesting interview they dug up from their wrestling archives with the UFC's founder and old president, Art Davie. Now I'm not a big Dana-hater, but I gotta give it to Art Davie, 'cause when this motherfucker thought up the UFC he called in the dude who directed Conan the Barbarian to help him flesh out the concept. Considering the massive gore and spectacle from that movie, I'm amazed the first UFC didn't occur in a sand-filled pit with torches and skulls all over the place.

Millius, Gracie, and I were sitting around one night talking and we began to have a conversation, like guys used to have in Vietnam, about if Sugar Ray Robinson were alive and would have fought Bruce Lee, who would have won. People always have those “what if?” kind of conversations in the martial arts. Out of it came a desire to do this event.
Hardcore. I wasn't even alive when Vietnam was going on, but I'm pretty sure if I'd been there my conversations would have been more towards "being scared shitless", "Oh my god I'm so scared", and "Holy shit I just shit myself" and less about boxers and martial arts.

You can read the entire interview here


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